Erectile Dysfunction

Ways To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Ways to treat Erectile Dysfunction without drugs- 

Sexual drive plays a vital role in the development of healthy relationships. But maintaining it is enjoyable and crazy gets tough with age. Several sexual problems take place in men and women with growing age. But most of them can be created if one speaks about it. It gets tough to speak up sometimes because it may turn into a stigma on one’s personality. Notable, untreated sexual diseases can turn into the reason for other health disorders.

Every man desires to be strong and hard on the bed as they used to be in their 30’s. But facing trouble during intercourse such as premature ejaculation, lack of erection, and nervousness lead to undesirable relationships. And sometimes, these reasons become the reason for being embarrassed and humiliated in front of the partner. 

Do you even know the most common sexual disease amongst men is ED? ED is affecting millions of men globally each year. Unfortunately, the reason for this disease varies from one to another. But in most cases, the low testosterone level occurs as the primary cause of ED. Testosterone hormone is responsible for sexual growth in men. However, after crossing the age of 60, it falls down each year by 2 to 3%. To know about the Erectile dysfunction causes and effects, read the below information- 

What does Ed stand for? 

Erectile dysfunction exists as the most common illness in older adults. Even though most of the ED sufferers are prior found under cardiovascular issues and disabilities. Survey leads that men 50 to 70% of men ages nearly 60 encounter mild to moderate ED each year. 

ED definition in medical terms- Erectile dysfunction means incapability to achieve and maintain an erection while performing sex. In other words, not getting enough erection during intercourse. 

Emotional and physical factors are often trigger ED. Besides, it causes several troubles in the sexual drive, resulting in a lack of libido, sexual desire, and difficult intercourse. And it also becomes the reason if anxiety, depression, and problematic relationships. 

Several medicines are available in the market to treat Erectile Dysfunction, such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. These medications survive as a miracle for Ed sufferers. However, these medications have side effects, drawbacks, and other dangerous effects on health. So we believe medicines should not be yours be the first priority or only option to address this dysfunction. 

Dr. Garnick says-

“It can be handled by lifestyle changes such as neglecting the bad habits that are becoming its reason. So, you will not have to stick on medicines that cost a lot to you.”

Does Ed give prior indications before occurring? 

One should always monitor their sexual health functioning for any changes, no matter how minor it is. For example, do you get enough erection but unable to maintain it longer? Or, does your penis take more than average time to get hard for intercourse? 

Firstly, consult with your doctor if you find any complication in your sex drive, no matter how insignificant it is. The minor difficulties can turn into severe problems if you don’t go for treatment at the right time. Before approving your condition, your doctor may analyze other health conditions that might cause ED. 

In case you are under Ed, talk with the doctor about ways to treat it including natural and lifestyle changes. Going for medication at the initial stage might not be suitable; it can be treated in other ways. Many ways suggested by Dr. Garnick to manage Ed. And these ways are very effective in healing Erectile Dysfunction symptoms. 

Major ways to treat Erectile dysfunction are- 

#Practice more aerobic exercise- Research by sexual medicine in June 2018 concludes that practicing aerobic exercise four times a day for six months can better ED. The workout did not matter as the suitable intensity was seen, such as jogging, swimming, and brisk walking. There are several by which you can increase the production of your exercise. If you are not able to visit the Gym or Community center to practice aerobic exercise. So you can do it at home by online classes.

#Measure your waist size- a survey of 2015 proves that overweight men have 40% more chances to meet ED compared to fit ones. By the BMI test, if you range under overweight, losing the 5 to 10% weight can help improve sexual function. The adequate weight helps in the healthy sexual drive and also helps to live a healthy lifestyle.  

#Having a healthy diet- Studies prove that the Mediterranean diet’s advantages can help manage ED. But one should start it as directed under observation. Therefore, meet the doctor for proper information before starting it. 

#Performing Kegel exercise- doing Kegel exercise helps strengthen the pelvic floor muscle, and thus, it may help manage Ed by increasing the blood flow in the penis. A Kegel functions by strengthening the muscles you would use to halt urine stream or hold back gas. A usual routine includes several Kegels with set volumes to halt the muscle tightening and rest between replications.

Can ED be the red flag for other health disorders? 

Yes, its indeed that Ed can be the red flag for other health disorders such as-

Cardiovascular diseases- In most cases, ED is often caused by imbalanced blood vessels that do not transfer enough bloodstream to the penis to get erected. “ED may be the indication that something different is going on in the blood vessels, like high blood pressure and atherosclerosis

Diabetes- Diabetes has the potential to damage the blood vessels needed to maintain an erection. Even though men with diabetes are more likely to face Ed than men without diabetes. 

Psychological issues- anxiety, depression, and other psychological and emotional distress can lead to Ed. Seek medical attention if you are any such conditions. These illnesses get better, counseling, and assistance as needed. 

Prostate conditions- men under the impact of an enlarged prostate from benign prostatic hyperplasia are more likely to fall under ED. Additionally, Ed can also occur due to prostate cancer.  

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