treatment of Psychological disorder

Treatments of Psychological disorder

Treatments of Psychological disorder

The best treatment of Psychological disorder in covid19

Have you ever been surprised to hear the suicidal news of your friend even though he/she was partying a day before? 

Ever wonder to see someone crying one time and laughing the other time?

Ever know someone eating too much and sleeping too much?

Also, have you ever noticed someone forgetting stuff so much?

Well, yes, you must have noticed that, but you may have considered it as a habit of someone. A habit seems familiar, which usually changes with time. But if these symptoms become irresistible, then it is not a habit and won’t change with time. 

It is a problem! a severe pain occurs in a human ‘mind’, not a ‘brain.’ A mind is a complicated part of the body. That consists of emotions, feelings, anger, and intellectualness. Therefore, it is essential to have a place and synchronize between the mind and the body. 

Mental illness has become a more significant problem than physical injury. Why? How? Because:

Physical illness can be seen, observed, measured, treated, and have a scope of full treatment. 

On the other side, mental illness is intangible, not easy to measure, hard to treat, not easy to observe. And the scope of curability is less.

It is so common that more than 50% of the USA population have psychological disorders. And the government has scaled up the ‘4A of Development’, which makes it easy for the citizens to get the treatment. 

The treatment in covid 19 is as necessary as having healthy food for a healthy body. Therefore, I have listed a few good and adaptable treatment ideas in covid19

  • Meditation/Yoga

It is the best non-medical treatment for mental disorders like anxiety and depression. If you are stuck at home and unable to go, then there are several online yoga classes you can take. 

  • Counseling

It is a widely adaptable treatment, and the government provides free counseling sessions amid covid19. You can take online counseling with a psychiatrist and a counselor. It will help you to share your nightmares and bad dreams with a doctor.

  • Medical treatment

Medical treatment refers to medication and drugs/pills. You can take medicines from online after consulting a doctor. If your anxiety is taking all of your places, then treatment is the only instant solution. However, it is advisable to take medicine along with cognitive theories. And doctors provide common medication like Adderall, Xanax, or more. 

  • Enroll in your favorite sport

If you believe in yourself and have faith to overcome depression, anxiety with your will, it is the best strategy. 

Let’s say you love to dance, and you feel free while dancing, then gets a dancing group. Or join a dancing class. Also, you can teach kids dancing. Simply, if you love to play soccer, cricket, or any online game, then you must go for it. It will help you to keep busy. 

  • Talk and break the silence.

Go for a walk and talk with strangers. It will help you to forget your pain, your problems. And you get more perspective on life. Trust me, and you are not the one who is only feeling alone and depressed. Some people need someone to talk to. So, be that one. 

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