Psychological disorders

What is Psychological Disorders?

What is Psychological Disorders?

A psychological disorder is a state of mind where a person gets emotional distress, changes in behavior, and mood. It is also called a mental illness or mental disease. 

psychological disorders occurs due to multiple reasons and has several outcomes. It can be for a limited period of time, or else you have to deal with your whole life. 

Although, there other factors impacting the occurrence of a psychological disorder such as environmental causes, personal heartbreak, career confusion, and more. 

If you want to get suitable treatment, you first need to know the variations in mental illness. 

Type of Psychological disorder?

Bipolar disorder

According to WHO, 45 million people have bipolar disorder. You will see bipolar disorder is every age. There is no particular age group where it mostly occurs. 

Bipolar disorder is divided into two categories, Manic or hypomanic. A person deals with panic attacks, rigorous crying, shouting, breaking stuff, or just sitting alone in both situations. 


Dementia is another common mental disorder in the world where 50 million people have dementia. 

The malfunction of cognitive abilities causes it, and a person starts to forget, memorize, to think. Usually, it happens in old age, but many people in the mid-adult age group have seen such symptoms. And to cure these symptoms, they need medication treatment like ADHD.


Every 3rd person out of 5 is using the “depression” word. But it should not be used very casually. Sometimes, depression can lead to death because records are claiming a suitcase due to depression. 

Depression seems familiar, a person looks happy, smiling all the time, and you never know about his/her catastrophic mind. Therefore, 265 million people have depression, but only a few are looking for treatment. 

Different phobias

Phobia is not a common problem. Anyone of any age could have a phobia. Phobia refers to a danger/anxiety from a particular cause or reason. Such as a person afraid of germs called germophobia, so there is an endless list of phobia. 

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

It is a situation based disorder caused by a specific event, war, or pandemic. To treat PTSD, several treatment sessions are going on with medical treatment as well. 


Schizophrenia is not an avoidable mental illness. In this situation, a person hears, sees things that are not real, and confuse thinking. It is also a cause of any high dose of medicine/drugs. Definitely, one should get instant medical treatment. 


There are other mental disorders that are not common and hence not popularly known. 

So, if you discover any undesirable symptoms, then ask your doctor for a modified medical treatment. 

Although these are the common types of mental illness and you should know what kind of mental problem you have if you are looking for treatment. 

There are so many treatments available, including medical and non-medical solutions. Hence, it is advisable to take your doctor’s advice because the doctor will take your several tests and then provide you treatment.

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