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Methadone 10mg


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Methadone 10mg: No more opioid dependency.

Methadone 10mg is the first and last subset of its family and exists in the opioid drug category. German doctors created this drug during the time of the Second World War. However, in the USA, the doctor used this medication to treat extreme pain. 

In present times, the doctor prescribes this medication to diminish the addiction towards heroin and narcotic pain killers. As per the reports, methadone is much safer than others if you run the therapy under guidelines and norms. So, before executing the treatment, must take medical consultation to find out the adequate duration as per health status. 

This drug is also prominent with its brand name dolphine. However, both editions’ mechanism rate is the same, but the prices can be different due to different manufacturers and companies. Still, you should go with the directed one rather than choosing with self-perception. 

Moreover, there is no evidence of its effectiveness in extended duration, so use it for the recommended period. In case if you are heightening the specified time so you may encounter its dependency and unhealthy indications. Methadone 10mg can be consumed in two ways- 

  • By mouth 
  • By injected into veins and muscles

Abusing and misusing methadone can lead to drastic and unbearable outcomes. However, there will be minor possibilities to encounter serious consequences if you are adhering to guidelines. Above all, the treatment duration may vary from sufferer to sufferer due to incompatible health status. 


                        Children are not recommended to use this medication due to severe unbearable side effects such as shallow breathing and death. There is no documentation of its effectiveness in children due to the high intensity of rapid side effects. The doctor may suggest other therapies over medical assistance. Despite prohibition, if you are having this drug, you will be liable for future shots. 

To gather data about its formation and chemical compounding so read the given below data carefully- 

  • Methadone 10mg belongs to the drug class known as opioid narcotic analgesics. So, it commences its mechanism by blocking, terminating, or reducing opioid craving. 
  • Being the subgroup of schedule 2 controlled substances, it has elevated properties to cause methadone addiction and dependency. Therefore, you should adhere to prescribed guidelines without manipulation. 
  • 10mg methadone has white color, rectangle shape, and imprint of 13 on one end. 

Prescribed way to take methadone 10mg- 

  • If you are lying under severe asthma or breathing trouble or have a blockage in the intestine, you should not use it. 
  • Abusing methadone dosage can lead the drastic outcomes in adults and children as well. So, it would be healthy if you are keeping it away from the children. 
  • Lactating and pregnancy should altogether avoid its consumption. It can cause severe outcomes in children such as drug dependency and death too. 
  • If used with intoxicants such as alcohol, weed, and marijuana, these materials can cause extreme drowsiness after interacting. 
  • Don’t breast-feed during the treatment of methadone. This drug’s elements may pass into infants and cause drowsiness, dizziness, irregular heartbeat, or death in a nursing infant. 

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