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Phentermine Non-Proprietary name- Adipex-P

What is Phentermine?

Phentermine is a doctor-approved and sophisticated medication that helps in reducing weight loss. 
  • It enhances body metabolism
  • Therapies and other exercises go well with this treatment. 
  • Burning of calories becomes possible.
  • Experts and doctors have approved it for weight loss

Why use Phentermine?

It helps in promoting weight loss with medically helpful methods. Moreover, it helps in:
  • Doctors suggest Phentermine for weight loss along with some exercises and dietary restrictions.
  • It incorporates a change in behaving tendency and other habits.
  • This treatment is efficient for people who are suffering from uncontrollable obesity.
  • You can benefit from this medication if other methods are not worth trying.
According to the Phentermine reviews, experts claim that this medication affects the people who don’t have other alternatives. 

Precautionary warnings with Phentermine

Although the doctors have approved this medication, you need to be cautious due to the side effects.  Follow these precautions/ warnings that are relevant to the prescription:
  • Tell your doctor about the history of allergy, kidney disease, heart problems, behavior problems, and other similar disorders. 
  • Keep in mind the nature of your occupation. 
  • Since this medication gives dizziness as the effect, then you must not drive or work with machinery.
  • Avoid alcohol or narcotics with these medicines. 
  • Do not take this medication when you have diabetes. 
  • Marijuana can prove fatal with this dose. 
  • Your age group has a significant influence on the medication. 
  • During treatment, you have to quit the intoxicants such as alcohol.
  • Older people have more risks with Phentermine medication
Precautions might change with variation in cases. Consult your doctor for expanded advice. 

Phentermine Dosage and consumption

Its dosage instructions are necessary for the protection of side effects. Besides, always make sure that you are aware of specific requirements:
  • The dosage depends upon the BMI (Body Mass Index). 
  • The acceptable BMI rates are 30 kg/m2 for the initial phase. 
  • The first dosage is 8 mg thrice per day, after meals.
  • The second option is 15 mg to 37.5 mg per day after breakfast.

Pediatric doses:-

  • These doses are equivalent to 15 to 17 mg/day once a day.
  • Decide whether you need to take this medication before or after the breakfast meal. Above all, must take health care consultation.
  • In both cases, the dosage must continue to three weeks.
Every Phentermine dosage has some risk factors. They can vary from person to person. Check what goes best with your body.
Phentermine side effects and half-life
You can get Phentermine side effects when you fail to follow the precautions. These are common instances that occur in failure cases:
  • The side effects can vary from headache, constipation, itching, and other skin rashes. 
  • Your pulse rate, heartbeat, and other functions might become exaggerated.
  • There might be problems in blood pressure.
  • Numbness, uncontrollability on the body parts, digestive, and respiratory problems can occur. 
Phentermine half-life in the body is 20 hours. Although it might leave your body, you can detect it. Report all the concerns to your doctor and avail suggestions.