Kidney diseases

Kidney diseases higher the risks of Covid19?

Can Kidney diseases higher the risks of Covid19?

Covid 19 has been increasing the health risks day-by-day. And every new morning, we get to hear disappointing news filled with covid 19 deaths, cases, impacts, people at risk, and more. 

This time the new study of Dr. Sanooj Soni Imperial from Imperial College London, UK, examined a causal effect of covid symptoms and kidney diseases. Along with her research, several other studies present that people with kidney disease tend to have coronavirus. 

Let’s have a look to be cautious about covid 19. But before that, take a slight look at the type of kidney disease.

What are kidney diseases?

The kidney is a vital organ of the human body because it helps to provide you a healthy body by filtering waste products, excess water, and the body’s impurities. 

Think like that; Kidney takes care of what component should stay in your body and a particular amount. So, the rest or over consumption excretes in the morning and kindly helps to do that. 

Keeping all the essential components in the body helps regulate blood pressure and manage red blood cells (RBCs) in the body. 

If the kidney plays such a vital role, it must need to be healthy to perform well. But because of the regular consumption of toxic components, your kidney attempts failures. 

Due to the regular consumption of alcohol and drugs, 26 million American adults are dealing with kidney diseases. But the positive side of the story is that kidney diseases can be treated with a suitable method. 

However, you need first to understand the type of kidney diseases:

These two are very common:

  1. Chronic Kidney Disease

It is the most common;y found disease, which is majorly caused by high blood pressure. Glomeruli are the part of the kidney in a tiny blood vessel shape. And glomeruli are responsible for cleaning the blood. Hence, if blood pressure increases in the body, it burdens the glomeruli and damages the vessels, causing kidney dysfunction.

Therefore, dialysis treatment helps to filter the blood vessel. This treatment may go for a more extended period because it is a chronic disease. 

  1. Kidney Stones

It is a very common problem and can occur at any age. It can be caused by toxic item intake or maybe crystal formation in the kidney. 

Although many times, stone can automatically come out through urine with more water intake. But in severe cases, people need to go for an operation to remove the kidney’s stone. 

These are the rare kidney diseases:

  1. Glomerulonephritis
  2. Polycystic kidney disease
  3. Urinary tract infections

In chronic kidney disease, only medical treatment can help you, like dialyzes or medicine. And people with kidney stones have also come under the vulnerable category. So, they need to ask a doctor or take-home solutions because only taking opioid medicines like painkillers (Tramadol) won’t help. 

Treatment needs to be taken immediately because of the rising risks of coronavirus. And 3 million people are at the peak of risk level because 48% of kidney patients’ diets while teste covid positive and 21 % are still suffering in London. 

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