high Blood pressure during pregnancy

Effects of High blood pressure during pregnancy-

Effects of High blood pressure during pregnancy- 

  • High blood pressure can cause troubles in the development of the baby. 
  • There are no signs and symptoms caused by High blood pressure. Therefore, go for prenatal care to check the performance of organs. 
  • If you encounter HBP so, take the directed medication every day to keep it normal.
  • In case if you find yourself at a high risk of preeclampsia, so your doctor may suggest taking the low dosage aspirin to stop it. 

What does high blood pressure indicate? 

Blood pressure stands for the strength of blood that pushes against the wall of arteries. Arteries are blood vessels that transport blood away from the heart to other organs of the system. Each time when one’s heart beats, it carries blood to arteries. When the pressure of blood gets high in the arteries, so it causes high blood pressure. Commonly high blood pressure puts an extra burden on other organs. This extra stress or burden can lead to severe outcomes such as heart attack, kidney failure, and other serious health disorders. 

Some women encounter HBP before they get pregnant. Or some women meet high blood pressure during the pregnancy phase. Recent studies show eight women out of 100 means 8% go through some kind of blood pressure issues during pregnancy. If you are under any type of blood pressure so, take a medical consultation to manage it. Keeping an adequate range of blood pressure during pregnancy leads to a healthy pregnancy and baby. 

How to recognize if you are under HBP? 

The blood pressure reading is understandable in the two major numbers- 

  1. Systolic blood pressure- It denotes the upper number of the reading. It’s is the pressure when one’s heart deals (gets tight). Blood pressure goes up when one’s heart beats or pump the blood. 
  2. Diastolic blood pressure- It is considered as the lower number of the reading. It is the pressure when the heart falls under the relax zone. The blood pressure goes down when the heart is at rest position between the beat. 

There are five group classes of BP-

One’s blood pressure is categorized as per the results that come out during measurements.

  • Normal- Normal BP indicates to range between 80 to 120. 
  • Elevated-  This happens when one’s systolic blood pressure comes between 120-129, and your diastolic pressure is seen as less than 80.
  • Stage 1 high blood pressure – It occurs when blood pressure comes between 130 to 139, and your diastolic pressure exists between 80 to 89.  
  • Stage 2 high blood pressure- this occurs when the systolic BP is at least 140, and diastolic survives at least 90. 
  • Hypertensive Crisis-  This type of BP occurs when systolic pressure is noticed higher than 180, and diastolic pressure is upper than 120. Contact the doctor instantly if your BP comes under hypertensive. 

The doctor measures the blood pressure during your pregnancy to check to keep your pregnancy status safe and healthy. This procedure is done by wrapping a cuff around your arm. The doctor pumps the air into the wrapped cuff to check the arteries’ current pressure when the heart pumps the blood and relaxes. Suppose you are under high readings, so the doctor may recheck your pressure to assure its exactness. The blood pressure can be up and down every day due to your body’s different status every day.

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