Good mental health is real wealth

“Good mental health is real wealth.”

Keeping mental health stable and active is necessary during the 21st century for a healthy lifestyle. A minor fluctuation in mental health can tremble life’s quality. Therefore, keeping it peaceful during the stressful phase gets tough. However, everyone at some position in their lives encounters a mental health crisis. The crisis consists of Insomnia, anxiety, depression, and other disorders. The persistence of these disorder for the long term can cause numerous problem in life, for example- 

  • Avoiding social gathering and interaction 
  • Always in high aggression 
  • Distraction due to minor changes 
  • Unhealthy thoughts and
  • Physical disturbance 

The common mental issues amongst teenagers occur due to trouble in relationships, lack of communication with parents, and unhealthy surroundings. In contrast, the reason behind the occurrence of mental health challenges in older and youth adults might be an unstable job, career pressure, complications in relationships, and drug abuse. However, distressing mental health is treatable if one speaks up at the right time.

 The unsaid word and feelings might turn into challenges for good mental health. Therefore, try to disclose with your closest ones such as family, friends, and love what is bothering you. It will calm your mental health and will deliver you the right suggestion. But before implementing any recommended point, firstly think by your all senses whether the recommended things are right or not. To know about facts and stats of mental health, read below. 

Some surprising facts about mental disorders- 

  • Mental illness can affect a person of any color, caste, nation, background, and religion. A mental disorder is a medical condition that disturbs a person’s thoughts, feeling, mood, and body working quality. 
  • There are several possible causes of mental illnesses, such as past trauma, biological, physical disturbance, genetic factors. Therefore, the reason behind the existence may vary from sufferer to sufferer. 
  • Depression, a subset of mental illness, is the leading cause of disability globally. Thus, taking the psychiatrist’s assistance at the right time can help to lower its potential. 
  • People who belong to LGBTQ+ are three times more expected to encounter mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Students who belong to LGBTQ+ are bullied by the other school mates that may cause a psychological disturbance. 
  • The common symptoms of mental disorders might include aggression, mood swings, irritability, excessive fear, lack of concentration & focus, and slow brain cells. If you experience any of such symptoms. So, you might be under mental illness. 
  • Mental disorder can be short term and long term as well. However, the outcomes of short-term and long mental disorder existence can be seen the same: phobia, extreme fear, agitation, and many more. 

Stats of mental health that will surely amaze you- 

  • Do you know? There are nearly 43 million Americans who are under mental disorders. Mental disorders are not a stigma on your personality. If you speak up so you will get appropriate treatment. 
  • Astonishingly, one in five young people of America between the ages of 13 has or will meet mental instability once in their life. Therefore, if you any symptom of mental disorder so call you doctor right away. 
  • A Survey of 2012 in the USA demonstrates the rate of depression is rapidly growing, such the rate was 5.9%, but it has grown up by 8.2%. It’s true that the symptoms of depression can affect performance at school and work. 
  • A recent study proves that more than 1 in 4 adults under the impact of mental illnesses such as anxiety symptoms, severe depression, and trouble in falling asleep are also found under the substance abuse disorder. 
  • A recent survey by mental health awareness proves that 56% of mental disorders sufferers don’t go for the treatment. However, if you get the treatment so you can deal with the ongoing issue easily. 
  • Investigators at WHO show that women exposed to sexual misuse as children or to a violent companion as an adult are identified with depression at a high rate. 
Why is mental health important? 

As we know, there is no fitness without mental health. Therefore, it is said that if you are not mentally stable, so you will not be physically fit too. Mental health is the machine that conducts the rest of the part of the body. If a fluctuation occurs in the machine, so we find so many complications; for example-

  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Lack of concentration
  • Sluggish performance
  • Mood swings

Mental health indicates how does a person reacts, thinks, and feels if a problem occurs. Our mental health disturbs how we manage stress, relate to one another, and make choices. And mental health affects how one observes themselves, their ongoing lives, and other people in their lives. Like physical fitness, mental health is essential at every step of life.

Unstable mental state affects mental and physical development with many problems. The problems might consist of stress, trouble falling asleep, and inability to cope with the daily task. Furthermore, disturbance in mind can be seen from time to time; for instance- 

  • Whenever a person passes through a critical phase or stressful situation, one may find mental health challenges. However, as the annoying situation gets over, so mental health gets well without any special treatment.
  • Losing someone in a relationship or passing away of someone can cause problems in mental health. This instability can affect mood, thought process, and way of living. But, as you start keeping yourself busy in day-to-day tasks, you get well over time. 
Prior signs to know about mental disorders- 

Mental health disorders are like wildlife fire that keeps the person burning from inside. However, it is said to be kind to everyone for no reason. Therefore, there are some proven ways by which you can recognize mental disorders such as panic attacks, anxiety, and insomnia at the early stage. If you meet the below symptoms so you might be under a mental illness. However, before implementing any available data, take medical assistance to obtain adequate data for better treatment results.

The symptoms intensity and number of symptoms may vary from sufferer to sufferer. Therefore, rather than implementing any therapy by self-knowledge, meet the expert. The expert examines several factors, such as previous medical history, current health status, sex, and organ performance. After analyzing such factors, the doctor decides the adequate treatment and medication. Below are the symptoms of mental disorder- 

  • Mood swings
  • Distraction due to atmospheric activities
  • Lack of stability
  • Sleeping too much or too little
  • Drinking, smoking, and abusing the substance
  • Feeling helpless and hopeless
  • Hurting yourself
  • Fighting with people over unnecessary things

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