Christmas During Covid-19

Christmas During Covid -19 Pandemic

Christmas During Covid -19 Pandemic

I spent $2000 last Christmas and this is why you should not make this mistake this year.

Christmas indeed is the most awaiting and biggest eve of every year. People come together and bring happiness with gifts, blessings, cakes, and cookies. But this year, things will be different like you have never imagined before, and it’s a bitter truth to accept. 

I remember last year’s Christmas in 2019. I have spent almost $2000 on partying all night and blindly spent on drinks and alcohol. Because it was CHRISTMAS!! And a few days later it was NEW YEARS!! BASH!!. So, I did what normal people do, throw parties, dancing, hanging out, and throwing-up at each other. 

Do not make this mistake in Christmas 2020

After 5-6 months, things are getting back to normal, and Christmas is about a month later. I assume you all are planning a lot of things.

Your friends must be planning to travel this year. And your parents may be thinking of buying expensive gifts for the entire family. Or maybe you think the pandemic is about to over and 2020 has finally gone, so let’s celebrate. NO!. KEEP CALM YOURSELF! 

  • Plan your expenses accordingly
  • Do not blindly purchase any gifts, decorative item, and clothes
  • Spend wisely on online shopping.
  • Take benefits of festival coupons or discount and sales
  • Next year schools and colleges are going to function properly so your child may need some of your money for school fees and more
  • Also, 2020 was unpredictable, so we never knew of 2021.
  • Follow the guidelines of covid -19 safety by the USA government.
  • Do not waste food because your neighbor, driver, or homeless people may be starving for months.

Although it was not a big amount for me, what happened after that is a lesson for us. 

  • Entering in 2020

Who would’ve known the 2020 welcome party would hit all of us like never did. Entering in 2020 gave all of us a sit back with a pandemic that never heard before. Initially, it was not acceptable; we were taking it as a joke, but an increase in death rates was a time to swallow the truth. 

  • Lockdown begins

Now we are getting covid 19 cases from here and there, all news channels, media, and newspapers are gathering people’s attention. Suddenly in a glimpse, by just flipping the channels, news came out of the entire LOCKDOWN!! 

We all have been through lockdown phases with no food, no shopping, no traveling, no work. And if you have forgotten those anxious days and sleepless nights, please take a silent moment and think of it.

  • Economy crisis

Okay, pandemic news was okay, the lockdown was acceptable at some point, but economic crises were unbearable. Many people lost their jobs, many students put their lives at risk, only a few were earning good salaries, and this list is endless. 

That was the time when I thought I wish I could save my $2000 from last Christmas to spend on medical services and check-ups. I realized life is so unpredictable, and we never know what another day will bring to us. 

  • Increase in Medical cost

Apart from economic crises, the government had unknowingly increased the cost of medical services. It was hard to get check-ups in those days, hospitals restricted their facilities, and there was a higher risk for doctors and healthcare providers. 

Therefore, do not make a mistake like me and enjoy your Christmas with love and happiness. Spend time with your loved ones, and make them feel special. 

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