Anxiety and available treatment to treat it.

Anxiety and available treatment to treat it.

What does anxiety indicate? 

Anxiety and its connected disorders comes in the section of mental illness. It can cause terror, distress, nervousness, and danger in the sufferer. However, anxiety indications might remain in the victim for short-term and long term as well. The analysis lead that there are approximately 40 million anxiety sufferers available in the USA. 37% aim for medical assistance and doctor meeting for the therapy, and the remaining ones struggle to deal by themselves. Ways to treat the anxiety symptoms may vary from one to another due to different health status. 

Short term anxiety- when the symptoms of anxiety lasts in the sufferer for short term duration is known as short-term anxiety. However, the reason behind its occurrence can be work concerns, unhealthy relationships, and the passing away of the closest ones. 

Long-term anxiety- when the influence of anxiety affects a person’s life for a long. The period can be six consecutive months or longer. But the reason behind long term anxiety can be a stressful period in one’s life and genetic factors. Still, the persistence of anxiety for a prolonged duration can cause other psychological and physical medical conditions. 

What are the symptoms of anxiety disorders? 

Several symptoms might occur in the sufferer during the phase of anxiety illness. Although, the intensity and the number of symptoms may vary from sufferer to sufferer. Power of anxiety symptoms can be seen on from disconnection between the body to the brain to the existence of butterflies in your stomach.

And the other symptoms during the anxiety attack can be trouble in breathing and lack of consciousness. Basically, symptoms depend on the type of anxiety wherein sufferer is. The long term existence in one’s life of anxiety can affect his mental ability to think, generate thought, and speak. Not only this, it can also social phobia. During social phobia, one prevent themselves from public places and interactions.

  • Trembling 
  • Lack of consciousness 
  • Intense fear 
  • Fear of object, places and people 
  • Trembling 
  • Sweating 
  • Shivering 
  • High aggression 
  • Lack of attention 

Available treatments- 

There are several treatments available to overcome the impact of anxiety. Most of the therapy functions by changing the brain receptors so that anxiety’s influence gets lower. Ways to treat the anxiety  should be run under the doctor’s supervision. The specific theory and duration may vary from sufferer to sufferer due to different health facets. Therefore, before implementing any therapy meet the doctor. The doctor analyzes the essential factors before recommending any treatment. To know about these therapies read the below information-           

Organic ways-

organic ways or natural therapies are function by changing the lifestyle pattern such as practicing yoga, doing meditation, avoiding negativity, and accepting a positive atmosphere. Natural ways don’t show quick results. They may take time to deliver the outcomes. but these ways are free from side effects and produce long effects on health.     

Medical assistance-

it may include counseling, psychotherapy, support group, stress management techniques, and medications such as anti-anxiety and depressant. Anti-anxiety and depressants don’t cure anxiety completely but help to lower the symptoms. And in most cases, people prefer to take medicines over any other ways. Anti-anxiety medications are Xanax, Ativan, and yellow Xanax. Some similar features about these medications are-            

  • They all belong to the same drug class known as benzodiazepines. Therefore, they function on CNS by enhancing calming effects. 
  • However, they all comes under schedule 4 controlled substances. Thus, they have low potential for being abused. 
  • All are available with precautions such as avoiding the Alcohol, stopping other medication consumption together and not usable by pregnant ladies. 
  • None of the above medication are recommendable to use by the children younger than 18 years due to fatal side effects. 
  • Besides, each medicine has different ways to use. 
  • Each medicine affect some natural chemicals in the brain that contributes to anxiety symptoms.
  • Use the medications as directed to avoid side effects. 
  • The treatment duration may vary from sufferer to sufferer. 

Above all, Xanax is the most recommended benzodiazepine medication in the USA for the treatment of anxiety. Thus, billion of people widely are fall under addiction of  it due to its euphoria effects. Astonishingly, Xanax was highly misused amid lockdown 2020. There are were several cases reported by the drug administration of Xanax overdose.

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