Adderall in pregnancy leading High blood pressure

Adderall in pregnancy leading High blood pressure

Adderall in pregnancy leading High blood pressure

Without a doubt, Adderall’s consumption has increased since the pandemic. Even in pregnancy, doctors are recommending Adderall with other medicine. However, Adderall is medicine to use for a long time because of its severe adverse effects on the human body and its unborn child.

High blood pressure is like poison for a pregnant woman and her baby. Therefore, doctors recommend multiple do’s and don’ts for expectant couples, such as a modified diet, stress-free life, exercise, yoga, and regular medical check-ups. 

Despite that, there are several medical complications, where a pregnant lady has to take risks to protect the child. Similarly, Adderall provides to women to treat narcolepsy, but it does have several woeful effects on a child’s health. And high blood pressure is one of them. 

Types of high blood during pregnancy.

Do you know several types of high blood pressure occur during pregnancy?

If you don’t know, then these are the types mentioned below:

  1. Chronic hypertension: As the name suggested, high blood pressure occurs before pregnancy and lasts up to 20 weeks. Also, identifying the symptoms is not accessible if a woman also has high blood pressure issues.
  2. Gestational high blood pressure: It brings several other health issues like preeclampsia. And usually develop after 20 weeks of pregnancy.
  3. Preeclampsia: In this case, there is a possibility of organ damage like blood, kidney, liver, or brain. And if it is not treated with time, then there will be chances of seizures. 
  4. Acute high blood pressure: It is a normal stage of high blood pressure.

Now, we know a few essential high blood pressure during pregnancy. But we also need to understand why high blood pressure is like a nightmare for a pregnant woman. 

Health risks of High blood pressure

    1. Premature delivery: It is a highly common situation because the mother’s body is no more capable of bearing the baby, and premature delivery happens. And in most cases, doctors deliberately demand an early delivery to protect a child and prevent any health risks. 
    2. Low blood flow to the placenta: the placenta is like a food pipe for a baby. If there is a lack of blood in the placenta, then there is a lack of oxygen and food transfer. As a result of which a child may suffer in growth. 
  • Placenta damage:
    1. Injury to your other organs
  • Cardiovascular diseases

How to maintain high blood pressure?

Well, a doctor may give the best answer to this question. But if you are instantly looking for a solution, then follow these:

  • Make changes in your diet: add fruits and veggies, try to less consumption of fried foods. And add nuts and dry fruits as well.
  • Do not drink alcohol, caffeine, and beverages like Coke, Pepsi because these drinks can act in the body and increase high blood pressure.
  • Add citric foods like lemon and orange fruit because citric fruits are antioxidants that help remove free radicals and detoxify your body and heart.
  • Medicines: it is the last option. If your high blood pressure is out of control, then ask your doctor. 

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